Budget Friendly Things To do In Paterson, New Jersey

New Jersey is home to many cities besides the big ones known for their entertainment. Among these cities is Paterson, a city of rich history. This article will tell you some things you can do at Paterson that won’t cost much money at all! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this list of budget-friendly things to do in Paterson

Paterson Great Falls

Now that your kids have had their fill of fun it’s time for you and them to learn something new! The next budget-friendly thing to do in Paterson is strolling or driving around the grounds of Paterson Great Falls. There is a scenic overlook so you can take some great pictures and get a great view of downtown Jersey City. To get there, simply get on Main Street from Rt 20 East and drive over the Passaic River into downtown Paterson, where you’ll find signs pointing towards Paterson Great Falls Park.

If you want to go on a tour of the Great Falls,  depending on how many people are in your group and what time of year it is, but they typically range from $1-$4 with an average price of about $3 per person. You could also try hiking around Paterson Great Falls.

Papermill Playhouse

Up next on this list of budget-friendly things to do in Paterson is attending a concert or show at the Papermill Playhouse. This playhouse has been bringing great shows and entertainment to audiences for years and it’s still going strong today! There really is something for everyone, with musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Jersey Boys, Wicked, Hairspray, etc; Comedies such as The Odd Couple, The Producers, Book of Mormon; Dramas such as In the Heights, Clybourne Park; and more! There is something for all ages and interests, not to mention the playhouse also offers great deals such as $25 orchestra seats for certain shows on Tuesdays.

Fabian 8 Cinema 

The next budget-friendly thing to do in Paterson is watching a movie at The Fabian 8 Cinema. This cinema has been saving people money since 2016 by offering cheap movies, drinks, candy, etc., while still maintaining the quality of other cinemas around the country. 

Garden State Discovery Museum

The last thing on this list of budget-friendly things to do in Paterson is visiting the Garden State Discovery Museum. This museum is perfect for children who are curious about science and how things work, as it offers countless hands-on exhibits that will keep them interested and entertained. It’s also only $7 per person, making this one of the most budget-friendly places to go in Paterson.

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