Burnet Hill

Burnet Hill is a neighborhood in Livingston, NJ that is known for its quiet streets and leafy trees. The area is home to a number of families with young children, as well as retirees. There are several schools in the area, including a public elementary school and a private high school. The town center is located just a few minutes from Burnet Hill, and it offers a variety of shops and restaurants. Livingston is also just a short drive from New York City, making it an ideal location for those who want to live outside of the city but still have access to all that it has to offer.


According to the 2010 Census, the Burnet Hill neighborhood in Livingston, NJ has a population of 4,533. The majority of residents are white (68%), followed by Asian (17%), Hispanic (8%), and black (2%). The median household income is $107,441, and the median home value is $629,900. The Burnet Hill neighborhood is located in the northwest part of Livingston and is bounded by South Orange Avenue, West Mount Pleasant Avenue, and Northfield Avenue. The neighborhood is named for Isaac Burnet, who built a large mansion in the area in 1740. 

Today, the Burnet Hill neighborhood is a close-knit community with a strong sense of history and tradition. Many residents have lived in the neighborhood for generations, and there is a strong sense of pride in the community. There are a variety of housing options available in Burnet Hill, from small starter homes to large estates. The neighborhood also boasts excellent schools, parks, and recreation facilities.


Burnet Hill is known for its excellent schools. The public schools in Burnet Hill are highly rated, and the area also has several private schools that offer a quality education. In addition to traditional academic subjects, many of the schools in Burnet Hill also offer extracurricular activities and programs that can enrich students’ lives. For example, the local YMCA offers after-school programs that include sports, arts, and crafts. There are also several scout troops that meet in Burnet Hill, giving kids the opportunity to explore the outdoors and learn new skills.


Burnet Hill is home to a number of historical landmarks, including the site of the Battle of Short Hills, which was fought during the American Revolutionary War. In recent years, Burnet Hill has become a popular tourist destination due to its close proximity to New York City. Visitors to the area can tour the Burnet Hill Museum, which chronicles the history of the neighborhood, or take a walking tour of the Battle of Short Hills site. Burnet Hill also offers a variety of shopping and dining options, making it a great place to spend a day or two exploring.

Burnet Hill is a beautiful, historic neighborhood in Livingston, NJ. The homes are well-maintained and the streets are lined with trees. The residents are friendly and there is a strong sense of community. Burnet Hill is close to shopping, schools, and parks, and it is an easy commute to New York City. Overall, Burnet Hill is a great place to live. It is safe, family-friendly, and has a lot to offer.

Another one of Livingston’s most desirable neighborhoods is Chestnut Hill. Like Burnet Hill, it’s home to many beautiful and valuable properties. The area is well known for its excellent schools, including some of the best private schools in the state. It’s also convenient to New York City, with easy access to mass transit. And it has a charming Main Street lined with shops and restaurants. If you’re looking for a safe and friendly neighborhood with great amenities, Chestnut Hill is a great place to call home.

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