Jockey Hollow

When most people think of Mendham, NJ, the first thing that comes to mind is Jockey Hollow. This Revolutionary War site is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area, and for good reason. The history and natural beauty of the area are both impressive.

The area around Jockey Hollow is also beautiful, with miles of hiking trails winding through the woods. In the spring, the wildflowers are especially lovely, and in the fall, the leaves change color to create a stunning landscape. 

What To Do

For a unique experience, visit the historic estate of the Wick family, which lived in Jockey Hollow. Formerly known as Wick Hall and Wick House, Jockey Hollow was home to the Wick family for several generations. You can learn about the estate’s history and even tour the estate yourself! In the days prior to the Wick family’s demise, this estate was a private residence and an enclave for wealthy individuals.

While you’re at Jockey Hollow, take time to visit the corral. The corral is open Tuesday through Friday. While it is not mandatory to register as a Girl Scout, you’re welcome to visit and experience the fun of riding horses. The summer program features activities like trail rides and riding sessions. And since the corral is open to girls from all backgrounds, you’re sure to meet other young women who want to join in the fun.

The Jockey Hollow Visitor Center was established in 1975 and serves as the central hub for visitor interaction throughout the Jockey Hollow Unit. There, you’ll find interactive exhibits, a gift shop, and an introductory film. The historic Wick House is also located nearby, complete with a beautiful kitchen garden. Whether you choose to stay in a log cabin or rent a private cottage, there’s something for every age and interest at Jockey Hollow.

Whether you’re interested in history or nature, Jockey Hollow is well worth a visit.

Sunrise Lake is a beautiful place to visit in Mendham. It’s a great spot for fishing, swimming, and hiking. The lake is surrounded by trees, which provide some shade on hot summer days. There’s also a playground and a pavilion where you can have a picnic.

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