Landmarks In Paterson, New Jersey

There are a number of different landmarks in Paterson, NJ, that have made this town what it is today. Patterson, NJ is an industrial city located in the eastern part of North Jersey in the county of Passaic. 

Overall, there are many natural and historical landmarks in Paterson. However, the following five are the most significant ones.  

  • The Great Falls
  • Lambert Castle
  • Paterson Museum
  • Garret Mountain Reservation
  • American Labour Museum Inc.

While all these landmarks in Patterson are unique in their own way, they also share one common theme; they all show us what makes this city so great. Some sites like The Great Falls help showcase Patterson’s industrial might, while others like the Paterson Museum give us a glimpse of the industrial history of Paterson. There is something for everyone when it comes to landmarks in Patterson, New Jersey, because no matter who you are or where your interests. 

The Great Falls

One of Patterson’s most famous landmarks is the Great Falls. The falls are located in the city of Paterson, NJ. It is a 77-foot fall. The natural beauty of this waterfall has been an important part of the city throughout its history. Many years ago, Native Americans used this spectacular site to catch fish and sell it at markets. 

In 2009, Congress authorized the establishment of Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park to protect the site and the surrounding areas of the park. This fall is one of the largest waterfalls of America, and it played an important role in the industrialization. The falls bring many tourists to Patterson every year because it allows them to see one of man kind’s greatest works of art up close.

The Lambert Castle

Lambert Castle is a museum that tells the story of Passaic County through its historic buildings and antiques.  This castle was built by Catholina Lambert for his residence. In 1925, it came into the ownership of the city of Paterson, while in the year 1934, it was owned by the County of Passaic. 

The castle features both permanent exhibits, which might include items from different periods or specific locales in history; rotating shows such as “Houses & Hospitals” (which focuses on medical practices) – you can go here anytime but best to check their website before heading out because they usually have very limited hours-and also allows visitors access into some private homes where appropriate room keys are available for self-guided tours during open hours!



Paterson Museum

The Paterson Museum was born out of a need for local history and nature preservation. In 1925, the City’s library board organized an exhibit at their assembly room which featured donated items from residents who cared about these things enough to give them up themselves instead of putting forth any effort or expense on behalf of someone else’s collection!

The Museum’s collections have grown over the years, and more space was needed. In 1982,  the collection was moved into the historic building known as Thomas Rogers Locomotive & Machine Shop at Market Street corner Spruce ST. It became an excellent location for all types of exhibits about America’s history that you can find here!


Garret Mountain Reservation

Garret Mountain is a natural preserve and park located in the city of Paterson, New Jersey. The park features trails for hiking and mountain biking, playing fields, and picnic areas.  If you are looking for someplace to sit back, relax, watch the stars at night or just explore, this multi-purpose park has something that everyone can enjoy!


American Labour Museum Inc

The Botto House National Landmark was opened to the public as a museum in 1983 due to its significance in labor union strikes in 1913. It was opened with a mission of preserving America’s history through programs of collection, research, exhibition, and education. They have developed a rich collection of objects related to the history of American labor, including costumes, film clips, posters, buttons, and other memorabilia.



Paterson is one of America’s most significant historic landmarks in Patterson, NJ. Its falls, Lambert Castle, and Garret mountain are some of the things that make this town a special place in history. You can come to Patterson to see these things for yourself, or you can read about them online-you’ll get both options on my website!


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