10 Benefits of Choosing Natural Stone Pool Coping

Natural stone coping on your pool is a beautiful addition to the exterior of your home, but it does more than just look good. Natural stone pools have been shown to reduce chlorine levels and pool water temperatures, as well as prevent algae growth, and even improve the taste of pool water. Other benefits include reduced erosion and decreased risk of chemical corrosion to pools themselves. With all these perks, what’s not to love about natural stone coping?

The use of natural stone for pool coping is often an attractive choice, but there are many reasons why it may be the best choice. Natural stone coping can provide a more natural look to your pool, will give you excellent durability, and come in many colors. It’s also easy to maintain without the need for extensive maintenance costs. There are so many benefits to using natural stone for your pool coping!

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1. Safer than other materials

After years of using other materials, many homeowners are switching back to natural stone pool coping. Natural stone pool coping is a safer option than other materials because it is less likely to cause injury if someone falls on it. Natural stone pool coping is also more aesthetically pleasing than other materials, giving homes an inviting appearance.

2. A preferable choice to concrete

Natural stone coping is a better choice than concrete for pools because it looks better with the natural beauty of the pool’s surroundings. Concrete slabs can be a less attractive option because they tend to look more industrial and come in a limited range of colors.

Natural stone coping also lasts longer than concrete, which can chip and crack over time.

Natural stone is also more durable against environmental factors, such as acid rain, saltwater, and UV rays from the sun.

Concrete pool coping may look nice, but it can be expensive to install. Natural stone pool coping is a more natural choice and looks great when installed. Pool builders in the Pacific Northwest, including in Oregon and Washington, have been installing natural stone coping with success for many years.

3. Available in different designs

Stone coping offers a variety of designs. It is accessible in different colors, sizes, and shapes. The options are endless! Some people prefer stone coping because it provides a rustic feel to the pool. Stone coping also tends to be more affordable than other styles on the market.

Neutral colors, natural textures, and subtle patterns set the tone for a beautiful backyard. Natural stone pool coping adds a touch of elegance to your space while protecting your pool from damage due to use and weather.

In addition to protecting your concrete pool, natural stone pools provide many benefits, including more color choices, no risk of cracking or peeling paint or adhesives, a low maintenance surface with a very low chance of staining, and an attractive finish.

4. Enhance property value

Natural stone is a reliable and environmentally friendly choice for pool coping and edging. It is the ultimate in luxury, style, and beauty. Natural stone pools exhibit timeless appeal that can’t be matched. A natural stone pool will increase property values by adding to its curb appeal. Renovating a dated pool with natural stone coping will make it look brand new and modern.

With many homeowners opting to re-do their pools, having natural stone coping on the pool is a great way to improve the property value. Not only does it give an elegant and clean look, but it also provides a safety measure children and pets may not be able to negotiate around.

Natural stone coping can also provide a more durable surface for all types of weather and is very easy to maintain with clean water and the occasional brush.

5. Extremely pleasing aesthetically

Pools can be a lot of fun for children and adults looking for a refreshing dip in the summer. They create a space to cool off and offer an escape from the blazing sun. However, pools can also be expensive. The benefit of choosing natural stone pool coping is that it provides beauty and durability at a low cost.

6. Secure for swimmers and other audience

Pool coping, or pool coping stones, are the natural stones that are used to surround pools. The beauty of using stones for this type of design is that they are secure for swimmers and other audiences. They also help to prevent falls and other accidents. It also provides a unique look for your pool area. Whether you decide to use the stones as a border or around the entire pool area, you can’t go wrong with natural stone.

7. Stone Pool Coping is Quite Durable

The natural stone pool coping is perfect for any home, but it’s also quite durable. Unlike other materials, natural stone is constantly being exposed to water, which ensures that the surface area constantly remains dry. This gives it a longer lifespan because, unlike other materials, there are no cracks or crevices where dirt and bacteria can enter the surface of the material.

Stone Pool Copings are durable and can last up to 20 years. They also do not stain easily, and if they do, it is usually just a surface-level issue that does not affect the underlying material. They are also unaffected by acidic water and chlorine, which means less maintenance is required on your pool.

8. Natural Stone Coping Helps Protect Your Pool

Pool coping is a crucial part of your pool that protects the edge and helps keep it from eroding over time. One type of pool coping you can choose is natural stone. Natural stone coping has many benefits for your pool, such as helping to prevent erosion and providing beauty and style to your swimming area.

Natural stones such as granite, limestone, and slate offer diverse textures, colors, and shapes to make the most out of any backyard space.

Natural stone coping provides a durable, long-lasting protective barrier between the pool and the ground or deck. Natural stone is impervious to damage from both chemicals and ground contact, which means that it will not erode over time.

Natural stone coping creates a classic foundation for your pool, creating a more elegant appearance with its timeless textures. It also protects your pool liner from wear and tear caused by your decking material.

9. Stone Pool Coping is Easy to Maintain

Stone coping is an excellent alternative to other coping options because it is easy to maintain. With the right sealant, stone coping will not stain or tarnish, making it quick and easy to clean. Stone coping also contains natural minerals that help prevent algae build-up and help prevent debris from sticking to the surface. This means you can go for days without touching your coping and find it as clean as the day you installed it!

10. Laying Pool Paving Stones Isn’t as Expensive as You Might Think

There are many benefits to choosing natural stone coping for your pool. One of the most important is that it’s typically more durable than cement or other forms of artificial materials. It can also be built to be just as strong as your average concrete wall, which means it won’t need any additional support structures. Choosing this type of material can help to reduce maintenance costs because it requires less upkeep than other options.

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