Gunite Pool Construction

Welcome to EverClear Pools & Spas, a reputable pool builder in New Jersey and beyond specializing in residential swimming pools. We don’t just construct and install swimming pools; we also create your ideal backyard or public place.

Our bespoke gunite swimming pools are durable, gorgeous, and long-lasting, making them suitable for any home. We provide custom swimming pools in a variety of sizes and design styles to suit your preferences and budget.

Are you bothered by an unsightly pool? Trust our pool repair experts if your pool needs to be repaired. All varieties of inground pools are rescued by us. We can also repair and restore pools of all sizes, from lap pools to commercial pools, repairing any individual problem and restoring the pool’s attractiveness.


Our GUNITE Pool Construction Process

The construction of an inground gunite pool is divided into numerous phases, each of which builds on the previous phase’s accomplishments. Each step can take anywhere from one to seven days to complete. Here’s a rundown of the most crucial pool construction stages as worked out by EverClear Pools & Spas:

GUNITE Pool Design

Hiring experienced pool designers who will capture your thoughts and design the pool of your dreams is critical. We have a team of the most accomplished designers and craftsmen at EverClear Pools & Spas to help you construct “A True Masterpiece” right in your backyard. With years of experience, our design team will help you plan and price your unique project.

We will start by considering the size and terrain of your site, as well as property line setbacks, easements, and underground utilities. Your budget, as well as the design and shape of the pool you choose, will be crucial considerations. After you’ve decided on the shape, style, and size, we can talk about water features and other details.

Pool Excavation

This is where the real action starts. In the yard, the pool shape will be anchored and painted. To gain access, fences and trees may need to be removed.


Plumbing and Steel Work

Now comes the fun part: building the pool. A steel rebar is used to strengthen the hole. The cost may differ depending on where you live. However, in all circumstances, the steel rebar serves as the pool’s backbone and provides structural support for the pool’s shell. The steel is placed around 2-4 inches away from the earth wall. They bend it into place, following the shape of the dig, to wrap around steps and curves.


This is the point at which your pool starts to resemble a pool. Gunite is a type of concrete fired from a “gun” using high-velocity air. After being pumped out of a hopper truck, the material is sprayed behind and on top of the steel reinforcing bar.

Finishers use trowels to carve and sculpt it into the exact shape of your pool’s finished form. After the gunite has been applied, it must cure completely before plastering begins. Gunite cures over weeks.


Tile Work and Coping

The optimal time to install perimeter tile and pool wall capstones are when your gunite pool shell is curing (brick, precast concrete, or milled flagstone). At the water’s edge, the perimeter pool tile allows you to keep a cleanable surface. The pool coping stones help drain water from the pool and give a safe grip on the interior for easy gripping.

Electrical Work

An electrical breaker box, also known as a sub-panel, is installed where the electrician will install the pool equipment (pump, filter, and heater). The pump timeclock, pool lights, additional exterior lighting, and electrical outlet are all powered by the sub-panel, which is usually a 100 amp box. The sub-panel can also power a booster pump for a pool cleaning or a salt chlorine system.

The pool lights will also be connected to junction boxes installed outside the pool deck by the electrician. Then, from the junction boxes to the subpanel, an electrical conduit is run.


Plastering your pool’s surface is the final step. Pool plaster is a waterproof covering that protects the pool shell and steel while also providing a smooth, luminous surface that is easy to clean.​

These are the most crucial phases in constructing a gunite pool. It is critical that you choose a skilled pool builder like EverClear Pools & Spas to assist you in realizing your dream.

Customizations of GUNITE Pools

Gunite pools are exceptionally easy for our expert teams to personalize because they aren’t limited to specific designs like other pool building materials. A concrete pool can be custom-shaped to fit the dimensions of a garden or any aesthetic desire!

The hues that concrete comes with add to the versatility of pools. Finally, concrete pools could be finished with a river rock pebble surface that is durable, naturally gorgeous, and comes in various designs and colors.

Depending on how it’s manufactured, a layer of concrete called gunite or shotcrete lies beneath the surface of every pool. Shotcrete employs a wet concrete mix, whereas gunite uses a dry mix.

While both materials are excellent, gunite is a more cost-effective and durable alternative to shotcrete. Because these materials are used for various purposes, it’s wise to contact an expert like EverClear Pools & Spas to look after the customization of your pools with suitable materials.

Designing Your Dreams

As an industry leader, we can assist you in designing and building the pool of your dreams. When you join hands with us, you’re partnering with someone who cares about the aesthetics and functionality of your pool. We’ll work together to create the ideal backyard retreat. We’re here to supply you with a luxurious, stunning background pool, and there is no wrong to get your pool project started.

Committed to Quality and Durability

Having your own pool is the most convenient way to have fun, stay cool, and provide a wonderful area for your family to create memories. Building a pool, however, on the other hand, is a major undertaking that necessitates the assistance of a reputable business to ensure that it is completed with aesthetics and durability!

Our concrete pool installation services at EverClear Pools & Spas are dependable, durable, and on top of all that, affordable. But, don’t trust our words for that. Have your own experience with us, and join a list of hundreds of our satisfied clients who only have nice things to say about us.

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